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12th Brazil Agrochem Show


Your gateway to the south American Agrochemical market

6-7.Aug.2019 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Our association always devotes ourselves to organizing enterprises to participate in China (Brazil) Agrochemicals Expo. Since the first expo held in 2005, an accumulative total of 200 enterprise with 300 booths have taken part in the expo. Apart from the business opportunities there in, we offers more help for enterprises to enter the market of Brazil. We strives to let the annual participator could acquire further substantial results.

The expo has become the most professional platform for trading communication for the agrochemical enterprises of China and even across the world to expand the markets of Brazil and South America, as well as the best channel in understanding the latest pesticide registration policies, markets, product information, new products and technologies in Brazil and South America.

The professional forums and trading show arranged by the expo bring the latest policy trends, market information, help pesticide manufacturers and trade companies to exploit the markets in Brazil, South America and other overseas countries. In addition, it boost the development of the pesticide market of Brazil, which provides great safeguarding for the high yield of local agriculture.

More than 200 companies from China, India, and Brazil have participated in expo and the scope of the expo is involved with pesticide manufacturing, import and export trade, GLP lab, registration consulting, logistics and legal affairs etc. During the expo, over 350 specialized viewers from 18 countries such as Brazil, China, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Mexico, U.S.A., Germany, Italy, Spain and India will register for a visit and trade discussion.

Supported by the relevant departments of Brazilian Agriculture Ministry, Medicine Inspection institute, the Ministry of Agriculture of P. R. China and the Revaluation Executable Organization for the Safety of Pesticide of Brazil etc., the expo will giveparticipators a detailed explanation for the latest trends regarding the registration and management in the two countries of Brazil and China and make the enterprises from the two countries have an correct understanding for  the local pesticide policy, procedure of registration and development directions of the two countries..